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Established 1953. Evolving 2021

St Stithians Online High School (SSOS) in collaboration with Valenture Institute, is a purpose-built global online school that offers an international curriculum along with individualised student support, opening doors to the best universities around the world.

Join a vibrant community in a purpose-built online high school, where we deeply understand the science of learning. SSOS is the eighth school of St Stithians College, offering a globally recognised international curriculum that gives students the opportunity to complete their university studies at both South African and international universities or colleges.

St Stithians College

Established in 1953, St Stithians College is a proudly South African school that embraces diversity and inclusivity and offers a distinctive educational experience. The College comprises eight schools; the on-site co-ed Junior Preparatory, the Boys and Girls Preparatory Schools (primary schools), the Boys and Girls College (high schools), the Kamoka Bush School, the Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy (Saturday School) and introducing our newest member of the Saints family - the St Stithians Online High School offering an international online co-ed curriculum for high school students around the world.

"Our online teaching experience (during lockdown) has given us exposure to both the challenges and affordances of the online learning environment, and it is off the back of this experience that we have decided to launch a purpose-built online high school."

Celeste Gilardi

Rector of St Stithians College

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A unique South African collaboration

Valenture Institute is an education company that partners with leading education institutions to offer aspirational high school experiences to learners around the world. As a global online high school academic service provider, Valenture offers international curriculum qualifications recognised by the world's leading universities including UCL, Yale, Oxford, MIT, Caltech, Cornell and many more. St Stithians College has partnered with Valenture Institute to create the St Stithians Online High School and by combining St Stithians’ research-driven excellence with Valenture’s proprietary learner support model, we’ve created something truly special.

We offer students the opportunity to experience a highly engaging, inclusive, and socially rich online learning environment, which is supported by expert teachers and student success mentors. Our unique approach includes the very best of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities that are thoroughly designed and planned by our incredible team of expert educators, learning designers and learning technology specialists. Valenture’s learning technology, analytics and support model is at the forefront of online education and allows us to monitor and enhance each and every student’s individual academic performance. Our partnership with St Stithians College, a South African first, brings together two innovative institutions offering students the very best of both worlds.

“I’ve had the great privilege of working with a number of the world’s leading experts in education, technology and sustainability to design the learning experience our students enjoy at St Stithians Online High School. There are huge opportunities for improvement in our education system, and we hope to be a shining light that others might follow in time.”

Robert Paddock

CEO and Founder of Valenture Institute

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Meet our Head of School

St Stithians Online High School is a global community of passionate and diverse individuals who put students’ success and happiness at the centre of everything we do. Our purpose-built online environment helps students become globally-minded citizens who, through a balanced, supportive approach and internationally accredited curriculum, gain the knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing world. The flexibility of online education allows students to explore academics and extracurricular activities while opening doors to the world’s top universities.

“At St Stithians Online High School we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to achieve excellence and our balanced, supportive approach to schooling enables international success.”

Tessa Venter

st stithians online school head